English Language Arts

English Language Arts at Catherine and Count Basie MS 72

Across grade levels, keeping the changing demands of the workforce in mind, the essential skills needed for the Digital Age will be developed by:

  • Solving unstructured problems: Tackling problems that lack rule-based solution.
  • Working with new information: Acquiring and making sense of new information for use in problem-solving or to influence the decisions of others.
  • Combining cognitive and social skills: Working in fluid, rapidly changing, team-based settings.

We will build and develop the lifelong practices of readers and writers by having our students:

  • Hallmark 1: Work with a variety of texts that feature big ideas, rich content, and multiple perspectives.
  • Hallmark 2: Engage in discussion to build language and knowledge
  • Hallmark 3: Use extended writing as a platform to build language and knowledge 
  • Hallmark 4: Study a set of high utility vocabulary words to master language and knowledge.